Worldwide list of top hot melt adhesive manufacturers

There is a list of worldwide famous and professional suppliers of hot melt adhesives. They serve the bonding industries with great expertise and outstanding products. The is much development and hot melt adhesive bonding technology in both material and formula research. They have take advantages of these.

These manufacturers are providing more and more effective and cost-saving solutions to varies applications. These include electronics binding, bookbinding, packaging, cloth-laminating, shoe-making, carton-making, tapes, graphic printing applications, labeling and so on. Most of them have distributors in fast industrial developing countries, such as China, Indian, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico. Or they export directly to these areas and regions.

China Supplier of hotmelt adhesives-GC Adhesives
China Supplier of hotmelt adhesives-GC Adhesives

Factories and suppliers from the USA

CompaniesFounding YearManufacture and supply featured products
H.B. Fuller1887General-purpose pressure-sensitive adhesive; Advantra® Case and Carton Sealing Hot Melt
Dow Chemical1897AFFINITY ™, ENGAGE ™, INFUSE ™, high performing polymers
Evans Adhesive1900Metallocene, EVA, PE, APAO, Polyamide and Rubber block co-polymers.
3M1902Hotmelt stick, Hot Melt Sprayable Adhesives

Hotmelt glue manufacturers from Europe

CompaniesFounding YearManufacture and supply featured products
Henkel Adhesive1876 PA, PS, PUR TECHNOMELT® 
Jowat Adhesives1919Jowatherm®, Jowat-Toptherm®, Jowat-Hightherm®, Jowatherm® CoPA, Jowatherm® GROW, Jowatherm-Reaktant® 
Power Adhesives1980’sTEC™ and TECBOND®
Bostik1913PE85 Polyester Hot Melt Web Adhesive, PO 86 Polyolefin Web Adhesive, HM4279LV, Thermogrip®  series

Hotmelt glue factories from Asia

CompaniesFounding YearManufacture and supply featured products
Tex Year group1976TEX YEAR® , HMPSA, TPR / Rubber, APO/APAO, Polyamide and PUR
YASUHARA CHEMICAL1947solvent-free hot melt adhesives suitable for easy peelable lids, packaging, filters, and other applications
GC Adhesive2009Leading manufacturer and supplier of full-range hotmelt adhesive types, GC satisfies industries, like packaging, textile, footware, woodworking

Hot melt adhesives have many advantages, such as long shelf life, easy operation, environmental-friendly material. Many industries have gradually replace traditional adhesive with HMA. Hotmelt adhesives market share has been growing rapidly. And many factories have been set up. Production capacity has moved to Asian countries, as the expansion of needs for adhesive bonding there. In the meanwhile, their technique and basic research have been developing.

In addition to traditional western manufacturers and suppliers, their Asian counterparts have also offered high cost-effective solution with high bonding performance. Multiple applications, huge market, gradual cultivation of tech, promote mutual development of hot melt glue market, both in the west and east.

How to choose suitable hot melt adhesive suppliers?

  1. Expertise:

    First step to decide good hotmelt glue suppliers, is to consult the sales for solution for a certain adhesive application. Ask for their suggestion for technical data and sample glue.

  2. Quality:

    Second step is to test the quality of the samples and check for relevant Technical Data Sheets (TDS). Order a small order to test the consistence in suppliers’ hot melt adhesives quality.

  3. Stability:

    Excellent after-sale service and stable production capacity is another key factor to keep a long term partnership with these manufacturers. Reliable factories have a full-time and sufficient technical support, when hot melt glue is used during bonding products. And their stable supplier can meet requirement in timing and minimum mistakes.