PUR Hot Melt Adhesive Stick 5201

Application: White PUR Hot Melt Adhesive Stick 5201, excellent polyurethane reactive hot melt glue sticks, applicable in industries of metal, glass, wood, fibers, paper, and plastics assembly, such as PC, PVC, PET, ABS material, with normal hot melt glue guns.

Processing temperature [°C]:120 – 140
Softening range [°C]:approx. 100 ± 2
Open time at 160 °C**:Long (GC test method)
Viscosity at 130 °C [mPas]:6,000
PUR Stick-5201

Characteristics: Good initial bonding strength and great peeling strength after reaction. Great bonding tackiness. Excellent resistance to oil, water, chemistry, erosion and impact. Good weatherability and hardness. No string. Good fluidity and softness. Heat resistance as high as 120 ± 5°C, and cold resistance as low as -40°C. Good purity of material. Odor and solvent free. Operation friendly.

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