PUR Hot Melt Adhesive 5703

Application: PUR Hot Melt Adhesive 5703, excellent polyurethane moisture reactive hot melt adhesive, perfectly for electronics structure fixing, waterproof sealing, such as phone, tablet computer and for textile fabric. Operated with special PUR hot melt adhesive nozzles and applicators.

Processing temperature [°C]:130 – 150
Appearance:Cream color
Open time at 130 °C**:long (GC test method)
Viscosity at 110 °C [mPas]:3,300-6,000
PUR Hot Melt Adhesive 5703

PUR hot melt adhesive for electronics

Characteristics: Great resistance to moisture and chemistry. Good softness, flexibility and durability. Great initial bonding and peeling strength after moisture reaction. Fast setting. High performance. Stable adhesive properties. Longer and stronger lasting bonds. Great tolerance to wide range of temperature. Excellent bonding to difficult-bond substrates. Less consumption of adhesive for stronger bond. Operation friendly and fast curing.

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