PSA Hot Melt Adhesive Block 7511

Application: PSA Hot Melt Adhesive Block 7511, excellent pressure sensitive adhesive, perfectly for tire leakproof safety. Operated with common hot melt adhesive applicators.

Processing temperature [°C]:160 – 180
Appearance:Block black
Softening range [°C]:approx. 80 ± 2
Open time at 160 °C**:medium (GC test method)
Viscosity at 180 °C [mPas]:6000 ± 500
PSA Hot Melt Adhesive Block 7511

PSA for tire leakproof safety

Characteristics: High performance. High heat and cold resistance (-45°C -120°C). Fast setting, good bonding strength, anti-aging. Operate friendly. Very good resistance to oxidation, heat. Great color stability. No string. Smoke and odor free. Application and processing with common tank applicators. Sprayable.  

Directions for Use: Adjust the viscosity and open time through temperature control. Melt in about 5-10°C higher during summer season. Do not mix use with other adhesive models and types. Tank lid should be closed immediately after material filling.

General bonding requirements: The process of bonding and joining with hot melt adhesive depends on many factors, such as the properties (surface tension, plasticizer content…), as well as the bonding process conditions (environmental temperature, humidity…). Therefore, clients should take into consideration of their everyday production conditions and test our models to get the most propriate and stable parameters. For best bonding performance, substrates should be dry and free of dust, oil and impurity. Process with a minimum temperature of 20°C and avoid windy environment.

Cleaning: Mineral oil or parrafin wax, not to exceed the flash point as stated on the SDS, followed by a thorough purge with the adhesive itself.

Safety instructions: Wear safety gloves and goggles when handling molten adhesive to minimize the risk of burns. Forbidden fires.

Storage: Please store in cool, dry place and avoid direct lighting, in the original container only. Keep container closed and tightly sealed when not in use to avoid contamination. Avoid heating and fire.

Shelf-life: 12 months under proper conditions. Remarks: For further information concerning safety, processing, transport and storage, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet or our after-sale personnel. The information we provide is based on our test, as well as experience provided by our clients. Therefore, they may not be possible to cover all application parameters. Please contact us for our specialist suggestions and samples will be provided for test in specific applications.

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