PSA Hot Melt Adhesive Block 7501

Application: PSA Hot Melt Adhesive Block 7501, excellent pressure sensitive adhesive, perfectly for binding book-shape box, mooncake box, high-end bottle wine box, coated paper band bag. Operated with common hot melt adhesive applicators.

Processing temperature [°C]:150 – 165
Appearance:Block yellow
Softening range [°C]:approx. 80 ± 2
Open time at 160 °C**:medium (GC test method)
Viscosity at 160 °C [mPas]:5,000
PSA Hot Melt Adhesive Block 7501

PSA hotmelt for box gluing

Characteristics: High performance. High shear with balanced peel and tack, high heat and cold resistance and good oil resistance. Fast setting, good bonding strength, anti-aging. Good liquidity, easy generating adhesion, and operate friendly. Very good resistance to oxidation, heat. Great color stability. No string. Brand new material. Smoke and odor free. Application and processing with common tank applicators. Sprayable.

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