PO Hot Melt Adhesive

PO (polyolefin) hot melt adhesives, compared with EVA hot melts, have a wider performance range, higher heat stability, an improved adhesion strength and higher flexibility at cold temperatures. They bond well to nonpolar substrates like polyethylene and polypropylene. Like most types of hot melt adhesives, open times can be formulated between short and long time. And they can also be made with a wide range of melt viscosities, softening points, and tackiness.

GC Adhesives Company, a reliable polyolefin hot melt adhesive supplier, provides PO hot melt glue in forms of pellets, powder, film and stick. They can be used in bonding filters, electronics industries, fabric and textile industries. They feature high heat resistance, good oxidation stability, and great adhesion. Contact us for if you are in need of PO hot melt glue. We will recommend PO hotmelt adhesive types as well as samples for your reference.

PO hot melt adhesive Pellets