PES Hot Melt Adhesive

PES (polyester) hot melt adhesives and Co-polyester hot melt glue, have good bonding to materials such metal, ceramics, fabric, wood, plastic, rubbers. They are usually appliable to industries of textiles and footwear. Their excellent cold-resistant, heat-resistant performance with low glass transition temperature, make them to be used for the bonding of cans and other metals. Besides, they are water resistance, oil resistance, and have excellent adhesion to metals and plastics. They can also be applied in the automotive industry.

GC Adhesives Company, a reliable polyester hot melt adhesive supplier, provides PES hot melt glue in forms of pellets, powder, film and trip. They can meet various types of needs for PES adhesive with flexible open time and viscosity. They feature excellent washability, dry cleaning, hot and cold resistance, flexibility and good bonding strength. Contact us for your special applications in fabric or industrial needs. We will suggest PES hotmelt adhesive types as well as samples for your reference.

PES hot melt adhesive Pellets