PES Hot Melt Adhesive Pellet 3102

Application: PES Hot Melt Adhesive Pellet 3102, excellent polyester hot melt adhesive, perfectly for oil filter assembly, high-temperature filler, shoe making. Applicable to substrate of various types.

Processing temperature [°C]:200 – 220
Softening range [°C]:approx. 180-190
Open time at 160 °C**:Short (GC test method)
Viscosity at 230 °C [mPas]:6,000 – 12,000
PES Hot Melt Adhesive Pellet 3102

Characteristics: Super excellent resistance to high temperature heating. High heat and good chemical resistance. Good liquidity. Great resistance to oil polar solvent. Proper open time, soft point and tackiness. Very good resistance to oxidation, heat. Operation friendly. Great strength and softness. No aging and carbonation for constant use.

Directions for Use: Pay attention to the parameters, and characteristics of each hot melt adhesive models. Viscosity and open time will change, according to different temperature conditions, adhesive use amount, processing time and pressure. Melt in about 5-10°C higher during summer season. Do not mix use with other adhesive models and types. Keep the substrate clean and dry. Do not over fill the tank with too much hot melt adhesive pellet, to avoid partially over-heating and aging.

General bonding requirements: The process of bonding and joining with hot melt adhesive depends on many factors, such as the properties (surface tension, plasticizer content…), as well as the bonding process conditions (environmental temperature, humidity…). Therefore, clients should take into consideration of their everyday production conditions and test our models to get the most propriate and stable parameters. For best bonding performance, substrates should be dry and free of dust, oil and impurity. Process with a minimum temperature of 20°C and avoid windy environment.

Cleaning: Use spatula to remove glue material while still hot at first and then cleanse residues with proper hot melt adhesive cleaner.

Safety instructions: Wear protective glass and gloves while pouring adhesive pellets into the tanks. Forbidden fires.

Storage: Sealed in cool and dry containers and avoid direct lightings, with temperature below 35°C and avoid heating and fire.

Shelf-life: 12 months under proper conditions. Remarks: For further information concerning safety, processing, transport and storage, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet or our after-sale personnel. The information we provide is based on our test, as well as experience provided by our clients. Therefore, they may not be possible to cover all application parameters. Please contact us for our specialists suggestions and samples will be provided for test in specific applications.

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