PA Hot Melt Adhesive

PA (polyamide) hot melt adhesive, a type of excellent hot melt glue, has high thermal stability and melting points, compared with EVA hotmelts. It has good chemical resistance to many compounds, such as oils, plasticizer and some solvents. Polyamide hot melt adhesive has outstanding adhesion to many substrates, like metal, paper, wood and even plastic surface.

PA (Polyamide) hot melt adhesive, is also known as dimer acid polyamide hot melt adhesive. It is formed by the condensation reaction of dimer acid and polyamine at high temperature. PA hot melt glue has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, electrical properties, oil resistance, chemical resistance, dielectric properties. It is odorless, colorless and features fast curing. PA hot melt adhesive can bond a variety of metals and non-metal. It also has good compatibility with other resins.

High molecular weight PA hot melt adhesive has good fluidity and high bonding strength. It also has good resistance to dry cleaning and water washing. While, the low molecular weight PA glue has good bonding strength and toughness. Most of their properties are better than EVA hot melt adhesive.

The basic color of PA hotmelts is amber (yellow). However it can also be made black by adding carbon black, white by adding titanium dioxide. And in some unusual cases by adding other pigments to make coloured glue.

Under normal circumstances, the softening point of polyamide hot melt adhesives can range from about 100°C to above 200°C. It can withstand low temperature to minus 40°C, and high temperature up to 200°C. Its specific gravity is usually 0.97.

GC Adhesives Company, a reliable polyamide hot melt adhesive supplier, can meet various types of needs for PA hot melt glue with flexible open time and viscosity. Our polyamide hot melt glue series can be appliable in a variety of industries, such as electronics sealing, shoe making, filter bonding, low pressure molding, textile bonding, heat transfer and etc. We can supply polyamide hot melt adhesive in forms of pellets, sticks, powder, film and strips. Contact us for your special applications. We will suggest PA hotmelt adhesive types as well as samples for your reference.

PA hot melt adhesive Pellets

For leather edge folding
For low pressure injection

PA hot melt adhesive Sticks

PA hot melt adhesive film, powder and rod strip

PA Hotmelt adhesive Formulation Samples

Component Caprolactam: 66.7%; Diacid:10.6%; Dodecanedioic acid: 22.7%; Hexanediamine: 30.0%; trimethyl-Hexamethylene-Diamine: 3.3%
ProductionIncrease temperature from 100℃ to 120℃, still become salt shape. Increase the temperature again, to 200℃, to remove moisture. Maintain the  200℃ temperature for one hour and then get PA hot melt adhesive.
Formulation sample one
Component Caprolactam: 30%; Laurolactam: 30%; 11-aminoundecanoic acid: 20%; Hexamethylenediamine adipate:20%; Adipic acid 0.2%.  
ProductionIncrease temperature to 290℃, with pressure of 2.5-3.0 MPa, maintain for 3hours. And then decrease the pressure to normal degree. Infuse nitrogen and mix for 2 hours. And then decrese the temperature to 160-180℃ and then get the PA glue.
Formulation sample two

Transportation, Storage and Use Precautions

Due to the existence of polyamines in the raw materials, and the strong water absorption of amines, for long-term storage, it should be stored in a dry and normal temperature environment, with waterproof packaging.

The friction during transportation makes the polyamide hot melt adhesive easy to generate static electricity. Therefore dust should try to be avoided. And other possibilities that may cause static fire or explosion should be prevented.

The molecular structure of polyamide hot melt adhesive is stable. The product itself is non-toxic. It will not become a source of fire or explosion. And there is no case of poisoning due to accidental ingestion. However, during use, a high temperature working environment is required. And the molten glue may cause burns to workers. Therefore, when using it, the instructions should be followed: wear protective clothing, and wear protective tools, prevent direct contact, and avoid splashing.

Polyamide hot-melt adhesive needs to be used together with machine. General hot-melt glue machine can meet the conditions of use. However, due to the high temperature, long-term use may cause carbonization, and adhere to the machine pipe or nozzle. This will affect its usage. It is recommended to avoid prolonged use, and to check and clean the machine regularly.

Questions and Answers

1. What is PA hot melt adhesive used for?

PA hot melt adhesive, better than EVA hot melt glue in some bonding performance. It is popularly used in such industries as, electronics sealing, foorware making, filter bonding, low pressure molding, textile bonding, heat transfer and etc.

2. Are there any new development in PA hot melt adhesive types?

In addition to traditional PA hot glue formulations, new types of PA is developed. There are water dispersible PA hotmelt glue, solvent-type glue, heat resistant PA glue, bio-degradable PA hot melt adhesive.