Hot melt adhesive for electronics

Hot melt adhesive for electronics, silicon solar cells, have many advantages in assembling and sealing. Their fast bonding ability allows for high speeds manufacturing line. They can glue both porous and nonporous surfaces, which are quite commonly used in electronics products. They have variety of forms and dispensing methods, allowing for flexible design. New generations of hot melts, such PUR, Polyolefin, Polyamide -based is being used in smartphone, tablet or wearable electronics.  

GC Adhesives Company, provides a reliable, cost-effective solution for high-temperature, electronics grade hot melt adhesives, applied in electronic components assembling and sealing, low temperature injection sealing, as well as electronic product enclosure sealing.

Hot melt adhesive film for solar industry

Recommended EVA hot melt adhesive film for silicon solar cell sealing

EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Film 1401
Melting point [°C]: approx. 65-80
Processing temperature [°C]: 85 – 105
Processing pressure [kgf/m²]: 1.5-2.5
Processing time [s]: 10-15
Fabric weight [g/m²]: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 50

Hot melt adhesive for Low Pressure Injection

Recommended PA hot melt adhesive for low pressure injection molding and sealing
PA Hot Melt Adhesive Pellet 2103

PA Hot Melt Adhesive Pellet 2103
Processing temperature [°C]: 200 – 220
Appearance: Yellowish Transparent
Softening range [°C]: approx. 175±5
Open time at 160 °C**: Short (GC test method)
Viscosity at 200 °C [mPas]: 2,500 ± 4800