Hot Melt Adhesive Film for Solar Panel Sealing Industry

EVA hot melt adhesive film is applied in solar industries and more and more often. There is an increasing demand for green power resource. Solar energy is one of leading fields. Solar panel assembly also need massive adhesive bonding. Solar panels are often installed outdoor, such as hot deserts, hot roof and some extreme environment. Rains, snows, lighting exposure make a challenge for adhesive bonding selection. Modified EVA hot melt adhesive film solves the solar panel sealing effectively.

Hot Melt Adhesive Film for Solar Panel Sealing
Hot Melt Adhesive Film for Solar Panel Sealing

What kind of hot melt adhesive film is used for solar energy and solar cells?

What we usually see in life, is groups of solar panel matrix, installed on metal stands or house roofing. they are complete products, which are sealed. During the production of panels, workers need to seal the silicon solar cells with adhesive. In this process, factory will use EVA hot melt films.

Not all hotmelt films are suitable for solar panel sealing. Only some modified EVA hotmlet films are good choices. They are high heat-resistant, thermosetting. They have very good light transmittance, for sun lighting goes through. This will not reduce the efficiency of the sunlight transferring to electricity.

Another important factor, is its high adhesive bonding, no matter how smooth the substrates are. After melting once, the adhesive will not be melted another time. And the bonding last much longer than other type of adhesive. This features make it irreplaceable for massive using in solar panel sealing application.

Importance of hot melt film for solar component sealing

The sealing film is an indispensable material for the solar cell module. It connects the upper and lower surface materials with the cells. Thereby through this way, it protects the cells from moisture and mechanical damage. The sealing process is irreversible. Once, the adhesive film and backplane of the battery module become yellowish, or crack, the battery fail and become scrapped. There is very strict requirements on materials, in terms of light transmittance, shrinkage, elongation, peel strength, crosslinking degree, and aging resistance. Suitable and tested hot melt film is a must for solar panel’s quality. It is a key factor to the life time of the solar panel module.

Future market demand for solar panel hot melt sealing film

As a key component of photovoltaic modules, the demand for sealing adhesive film is rising. According to the forecast data of of CICC, the global demand for photovoltaic sealing hot melt adhesive film, in 2021, will be close to 2 billion square meters. And by 2025, the global demand can reach 4.8 billion square meters, an increase of about 210% compared with 2020. The future market demand is massive.

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  1. It was an informative post! I agree that hot melt adhesive films are great to seal solar panels. The best thing about hot melts is that they can be used in many different applications like bookbinding, bottle labeling, sealing cases and cartons, woodworking, and more. These adhesives are popular for their high durability and resistance to oils, chemicals, and moisture.

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