EVA Hot Melt Adhesive

GC Adhesives Company, a trustable EVA hot melt adhesive supplier, has a variety of EVA hot melt adhesives. They are applicable to many industrial fields, such as woodworking, edge banding, textile. They are also be used in bookbinding, construction, packaging, toy and handiwork.

EVA is total solid polymer, meltable, has no volvent or moisture content inside. In general room temperature, EVA stay in solid shape. However, if it is heated to 60℃-85℃, EVA hot glue will become soft and liquid, and has adhesion. Hot melt EVA adhesive normally has light yellow, or semi transparent white color. Other color can also be customized. Its component consists of basic resin, ethylene and vinyl acetate, mixed with special tackifiers, modifiers, and antioxidants. Different EVA hot melt adhesive formulations have different portion of each component.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) hot melt adhesive or EVA based hotmelt, is the most popular, good performance/price, hot melt glue type. Finished EVA hot melt glue has forms of stick, pellets, film, powder and other. Its color varied from transparent, semi-transparent, to light yellow, white, black and colored. EVA based hot melt adhesives has good bonding capabilities over substrates of wood, paper, fabric, leather, metal and plastics.

EVA hot melt adhesive is one of the most common, earliest and most mature hot melt glue types. EVA hot glue is easy to prepare and less affected by humidity, so storage is relatively convenient. It has quite good bonding effect and also is known for its wide application range. EVA hot melt adhesive has strong cohesion and low melting surface tension. It has good adhesive bonding force for almost all substances. Beside, EVA hot glue has excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability, weather resistance and electrical properties. It is non-toxic, non-polluting. Overall, it has high bonding efficiency. Cooling stage only need a few seconds for EVA adhesive physical solidification. It has much shorter time than other hot melt adhesives.

We have matured and stable EVA hot melt adhesive formulations. And we offer a wide range of viscosity, softening points and applicable temperatures. Contact us freely with your specific requirement or special application. Our technicians will make proper suggestions. And we can even make custom formulations for your special needs. 

EVA hot melt adhesive Pellets

Pellets for bookbinding
Pellets for Edge Banding

EVA hot melt adhesive Sticks

EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Film and Powder

EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Formulation Samples

EVA30-35%Basin resin
Terpene resin6-15%Tackifier
C9 Resins10-15%Tackifier
Paraffin3-8%Viscosity modifier
Dibutyl phthalate1-4%Plasticizer
Calcium carbonate25-35%Filler
Tert-Butyl peroxy-2 hexyl carbonate acetate0-1%Primary crosslinker
Fumed silica0-1%Matting agent
Formulation Sample One
EVA34-45%Basin resin
SBS3-6%Additional Basin resin
Terpene resin25-35%Tackifier
Polyethylene wax3-6%Viscosity modifier
Dibutyl phthalate3-6%Plasticizer
Calcium carbonate18-25%Filler
Glycidyl ether oxypropyl trimethoxysilane0-1%Coupling agent
Fumed silica0-1%Matting agent
Formulation Sample Two

Questions and Answers

1. Does EVA melt?

Yes. EVA melt when heated to certain degrees. EVA hot melt adhesive takes advantage of this feature. The melting point of EVA hot melt glue is mainly decided on contents level of VA (vinyl acetate). The higher level the EVA hot melt glue has, the higher melting point will be. If containing 18%, the melting point is around 90℃.

2. What is EVA hot melt adhesive?

EVA hot melt glue is one of most used hot melting glue, which has base resin of EVA polymer, together with tackifier, viscosity modifier, plasticizer, antioxidant, filler, coupling agent, matting agent, crosslinker and so on.

3. What are EVA glue sticks?

EVA glue stick is a special form/ shape of EVA hot melt adhesive. It will be melt when heated, and become solid when cool down. This feature make a a excellent solution for bonding. EVA glue sticks are often used in packaging, handicraft industry sectors.

4. What is EVA glue used for?

EVA hot melt glue is used for general bonding purpose, in such fields as automobile, electronics, textile, footware, health, woodworking, edge banding, bookbinding, construction, packaging, toy and so on. It has good adhesion to surface as wood, metal, glass, plastic…

5. How to dissolve EVA glue?

Tetrahydrofurane or dichloromethane has good ability to dissolve EVA based hot melt glue. Try to use this to remove the residues.