EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Film 1403

Application: EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Film 1403, excellent EVA adhesive film without release paper, applicable for various types of fabrics, textiles, leather products, paper, shoe making, foam rubber, auto, underwear, and so on.

Appearance:white film without release paper
Melting point [°C]:approx. 70-85
Processing temperature [°C]:100 – 120
Processing pressure [kgf/m²]:1.5-2.5
Processing time [s]:10-20
Thickness [mm]:0.02, 0.025, 0.03, 0.05, 0.10
EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Film 1403

Characteristics: double-sided adhesive, elastic, low temperature resistance, low washing resistance, permeable, odor free. Operation friendly. Thin and permeable, keep original material a good feeling and breathable. Manufactured with best meltblown machine, with good uniformity. All made with EVA granule, without talcum powder, diluent or inferior fillers. Skin contacts without irritation. Can be used for children-use product.

Directions for Use: Full-width lamination, or cut into desired shapes. Place adhesive film between two layers of material. Press with a flatiron or special heating equipment, for a suitable period of time. Test the bonding and peeling strength when cooling. Adjust pressing time and temperature, according to special application cases, such as material, environment conditions.

Safety instructions: Wear protective glass and gloves while pouring adhesive pellets into the tanks. Forbidden fires.

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