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More than ten years of experience of providing pellet, stick, film, powder, strip or block EVA, PA, PES, PO, PUR, TPU, PSA hot melt adhesive solution to multiple industries, such as packaging, publishing, automobile, furniture, electronics, medical, hygiene, textile and fabrics, rat or insects trapping…

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GC Adhesives Company has been engaged in hot melt adhesive production and distribution ever since 2009. We have expanded to an annual output of 1,000 tons, with ten advanced production lines. We have served hundreds and thousands of companies to fulfill their needs for hot melt glue, covering a wide range of industries such as publishing, packaging, furniture, automobile, electronics, garment and shoe making, hygiene product and so on. We treat each client with full passion, More about us…

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Innovation new solutions

GC Adhesives have always been insisting on exploration of new material, formula for hot melt adhesives. We analyze client’s special and complex application needs and develop suitable adhesives accordingly. New needs and applications arising more frequently, our steps of providing new solutions never stop.

Serving various market sections

We never restrict our hot melts adhesive within certain market fields. Our served clients are from sections, such as automobile, agriculture, textile, footwear, publishing, woodworking, packaging, hygiene products, medical use, electronics and so on. Actually, we serve most industrial or home-use sections.

Research & Development

R&D is the base of GC Adhesives development. We re-invest more than 10% of our revenue in to research of new material, formula, production process each year. Together with our clients worldwide, we are increasing our core competence by providing newly advanced and high-tech hot melt glue solutions.

Sustainability concerns

Compared with most other adhesives, hot melt adhesives is more eco-friendly and toxic-free. That’s why GC Adhesives focus its main business in this field. We have only one planet and a greener world is also beneficial for next and next generations. GC tries all effort to provide environmental friendly adhesives for years to come.